Finding a tune

Tunes are identified only by name and not by the title of the hymn, since some tunes may be used for several hymns. No hymn book number is given since a tune may appear in several hymn collections.

1. Find the name of the tune in your hymn book, which is usually found top left above the music.

2. Select the letter of the alphabet (below) with which the tune begins.

3. Choose the tune from the list shown by clicking on the pdf symbol. You will then see the music on the screen. From the symbols top right you can either download it to store for future use on your own computer or make a printed copy.

Further suggestions

If it helps to begin with, you could write the sharps and flats that make up the key signature beside the notes they apply to, but take care not to make the music more difficult to read. You could also add the fingering above the notes.


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