Positif Organist

Founded in 2003 by Sheila Chisholm, Positif Organist is a cross-denominational educational organ attracting people of varying abilities but who are united in their wish to broaden their skills and knowledge as church organists. Typically a group (originally in Edinburgh, now also in Dunfermline and Inverness, will meet monthly throughout the year in the evenings, when there will be practical tuition combined with lecture/demonstrations of different 'schools' of organ music and how they are to be approached, as well as how to play and register hymns, psalms and other congregational music. The cost for the year is £150.

More details at  http://sheilachisholm.weebly.com/positif-organist.htm. Email Sheila on

coolnote@coolnote.freeserve.co.uk for an application form.