Calvin and the Genevan Form of Prayer and Praise

Alasdair Heron

The main published editions of the Genevan Service Order are listed. The history of the emergence of the Genevan Psalter is outlined. Calvin's Communion order remains consistent throughout these editions. Not a purification of the Mass, like Anglican and Lutheran, but based on the late medieval Prone. The paper explores two areas in particular: the understanding of worship reflected in this order and the significance of its musical aspect (both referred to in 'Letter to the Reader'. Considerable quotations are offered on the first topice and the didactic and polemical tone is noted. Regarding music, the whole section from the 'Letter' is given and a commentary on this from Andreas Marti. He concludes by quoting Calvin himself in the Foreword to his Commentary on the Psalms. In the course of this account, views of W D Maxwell are challenged.

Volume 45 2009/10, p2
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Alasdair Heron was ordained in 1973 and is currently a member of the Presbytery of Europe. He has held posts in the Irish School of Ecumenics Dublin, and in the Universities of Tubingen and Edinburgh. For many years he has been Professor of Reformed Theology in the University of Erlangen in Germany and has, inter alia, written Table and Tradition: Towards an Ecumenical Understanding of theEucharist (1983).