The Manna of Ecclesiology: contributions by members of the Church Service Society to the development of Scottish Ecclesiology

Tom Davidson Kelly

Tom Davidson Kelly claims priority for the use of ‘ecclesiology’ in reference to buildings used for worship andrepels charges of aestheticism and antiquarianism brought against its practitioners but asserts the importance of awe and mystery, beauty and the beauty of holiness in the building and furnishing of places of worship. He calls for a reassertion of ecclesiological principles in the present day. The article is backed by two appendices, the first listing members of the Society associated with the Ecclesiological Societies and the second listing ecclesiologists associated with the Royal Scottish Academy. An extensive list of footnotes provides much additional information and indicates the importance of The Annual of the Society as a source.

Volume 42 Winter 2006/7, p3
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Tom Davidson Kelly, a former President of the Society, was Minister of Govan Old Parish Church from 1989 to 2002, when he took early retirement on health grounds.