Stained Glass in Scotland: A Perspective

Iain B. Galbraith

The paper outlines some of the trends, styles and influences at work in stained glass in Scotland from its revival around 1820 to the present time. The ancient history of glass. Its expansion in conjunction with Gothic architecture. Glass as mirror of the world and bible of the poor. Scotland and glass: the Reformation (an editorial note questions the assumption of destruction); the Age of Enlightenment as not producing suitable buildings for glass; its re-emergence with the Gothic Revival (but which went beyond the medieval style); pioneers in Scotland. Many examples are given and their styles analysed (Pre-Raphaelitism, the Aesthetic Movement, the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau etc. The effect of war on the subject matter of stained glass. Some contemporary artists are named.

Volume 47 2011/12, p14

Iain B Galbraith is an officer of the Scottish Federation of Organists and a leading Glasgow organist who has also undertaken further studies in stained glass