Ecumenical Liturgy

The Lecture given at the Annual Meeting of the Society, 1964, by Canon Ronald C D Jasper, MA, DD, FR Hist S, Chairman of the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England; and Lecturer in Liturgical Studies, King’s College, London

Dr Jasper offers an overview of liturgical studies within the life of the whole church, in particular with an awareness of the recent sweep of the ecumenical movement and the desires to seek out common forms of worship. He surveys commentators and work from various church traditions, Baptist through to Roman Catholic, as well as dwelling on current issues within the Church of England, where he himself is affiliated. He concludes with an extensive quotation from a tough Anglo-Catholic controversialist, Dr Darwell Stone, which nevertheless abounds in “courtesy and charity”.

Volume 35 1965 (Centenary Number), p44
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