Recent Liturgical Literature

The Rev John A Lamb, BD, Ph D, DD, Librarian at New College, the University of Edinburgh

Included are descriptions of the contents of new volumes by Max Thurian and Roger Schutz and several publications on the origins of the Roman liturgy. Two new studies of Orthodox liturgy are described, as are a close study of the Te Deum. Of note is a book by Patrick Cowley which argues a change of view concerning the season of Advent. An account of a practical initiative based at a Cambridge college, relating to the Parish Communion movement, is provided by J.A.T. Robinson inLiturgy Coming to Life. Also mentioned are studies in liturgical revision (Wales, South Africa), worship and ministry, and the Paschal Liturgy. A collection of prayers by Reformers is found useful as are two books of liturgical meditations. Church music is the subject of volumes by Charles Cleall (choir training), and of a major three-volume French historical work, the latter promising others following the Encyclical Musicae Sacrae Disciplina (1955).

Volume 31 1961, p39
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